Welcome to [at]Spain productions, a broadcasting company that provides the best resources you need when shooting in Spain and Portugal.

The services we offer - related to fixing, producing, filming and editing - are extensive and professionally managed, in both photographic and video shoots.

So whatever you have in mind, be it location or studio shoots, documentary or corporate video, advertising or live streams, local camera crews or sending pictures via FTP, we will make sure you will get the best solutions for your project and budget. We would love to hear from you!

Why shooting in Spain?

[Advisory & fixing]

Filming permits
Advice for international crews
Script assessment
Hotel accommodations and travels
Full cost-comparisons for shooting
Helping with recce


Local crew selection and facilities
Renting of camera and lighting gear
Location and studio finding
Catering on location


Picture and sound editing
Translating and subtitle
Data storage and transfer
Motion graphics
Music composition

Check out our beautiful locations in Spain and Portugal!

Spain and Portugal have been ideal places for film and photography.

Although It's a small corner of the world, we have an amazing and varied range of spectacular locations, from the magical green or snow-capped mountains with narrow winding roads to deserted areas and wonderful coastlines and beaches. From narrow accent city streets to very modern architecture, bullrings and football stadiums.

We also have the sunshine! 95% of the days are sunny- this makes Spain and Portugal even more attractive places to film in.

Coast and beaches
Medieval landscapes
Modern architecture
City life
Natural landscapes
Famous movies locations

–– corporate & advertising ––

–– broadcast & documentary ––

Michael Gore

[chief producer - advisor]

Mike was basically born with a camera under his arm. After working for many years in video productions in Spain and Portugal, he is the person you need when developing your project in this part of the world.

Asun Gil

[producer assistant]

She is the ideal person you need when trying to make your budget fit your demands. She makes things happen.

Daniel Ramo

[lighting-cameraman & editor]

The person that knows nearly everything about cameras. Over the years has worked in all kind of photography and film shoots and has had all kind of cameras in his hands. If there is something new in the market he knows it and studies it.

Andrés Gil


Producer in several Spanish television series, Andrew began to collaborate with AtSpain developing the postproduction department in order to offer customers a complete turnkey service. This young talent gives each piece a unique style according to the latest audiovisual trends.

Whatever you have in mind please drop us a line and we will make sure you will get the best solutions for your project!
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(+34) 607 072 700 / 666 530 810
Arturo Soria street, #243
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